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CSS-Server Up again + 2nd Server as TF2 Server 19. Jul. 2013

It has been silent around here. sorry.

The CSS-Server is Updated to the latest version (Valve made some Changes, for what the Server needed to be reinstalled.) and now it is table and join-able again

plus: I now set up as 2nd Server a TF2 Server, which should become something like Idle-Server. Since I've played a bit, it seems, that "Idle" is the wrong term for calling the Server, since most of the players were actively playing. I just like the custom maps :D

  1. CS:S Funzone (join with hlsw) | (join with steam)
  2. TF2 - Server (join with hlsw) | (join with steam)

since it will take some time to finalize the new homepage (big sorry to keep you waiting!) I'll don't update the server-list here either, but on TS3.

-- deathy

CSS Server Down for Update-issues 18. Mar. 2013


the last update of the css-server-files did something wrong with metamod. since i need to do some server-redesign anyways, i decided to shut down both servers until next weekend (saturday, 2013/03/23) ... sorry guys and girls!

concerning the server-permissions: they aren't affected. if I got the servers back online again, you will then have your permissions again!

sorry für the break, the server needs to take, but I dont have any spare-time during this week!

-- deathy

Server Up again 14. Feb. 2013

Root-Server Down 14. Feb. 2013

Unser Root-Server auf ist im Moment nicht erreichbar. Grund: Unbekannt. Laut Deadeye ist der Support auch nicht telefonisch erreichbar.

Sollte sich was Ändern, werden hier neuigkeiten gepostet.

Steam: Counter-Strike: Source Linux 07. Feb. 2013

Finally! Do we need other words to describe that?

Und auf Deutsch: Endlich!

Minimum Linux Requirements: 1.7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

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